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This page contains the Newsletter from 2013.

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December 2013


  • Creating A Trail Town? Don’t Stop At Saying You’re “ATV Friendly”
  • Maryland’s OHV Trails May Be Gone...But Not For Long Thanks To New OHV Alliance
  • Golden Rule Of Trail Building: Don’t Badmouth Your Partners
  • Maine 4x4 Thanks Wounded Veterans With “Warrior Salute” Ride
  • ASA’s “Safety Bug” Puts A Fun Spin On Duning Safety Education
  • Mixed Gear Bag



November 2013


  • State Forests Management Superior to Federal Forests for Job Creation, Revenue Production, Local Economies and Fire Prevention
  • Arizona User Groups Cooperate And Compete On Trail Day -- And Have The Trophy To Prove It.
  • Ocala National Forest Creates Positive Rider Experience While Protecting Fragile Ecosystem
  • More Reasons NOHVCC Volunteers Of The Year Are “Outstanding”
  • “Ready To Ride” Park Helps Kids Turn The Corner On OHVs...And Life.
  • Mixed Gear Bag



October 2013 


  • Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference Delivers A “Fire Hose” Of Valuable OHV Information
  • Jack Terrell Downshifts And Jumps The Congressional Logjam
  • Nancy Minard and Duane Taylor Inducted Into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • Eleven Outstanding Individuals And Organizations Are Recipients Of NOHVCC Awards
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Individuals
  • OHV Industry Groups Host First International 4WPV Safety Conference
  • AIMExpo Features Introductory Experience For First-Time Riders
  • Mixed Gear Bag



September 2013


  • Now That’s A Motorized Travel Map!
  • The Travel Management Process: Lessons Learned For Agencies And Users
  • Poker Runs Are A Sure Bet To Have Fun And Raise Funds
  • Thanks To New Trail System, “Virginia Is For (OHV) Lovers”
  • USDOT Strategic 5-Year Plan Impacts OHV Recreation
  • Mixed Gear Bag



August 2013


  • Our Annual Conference Has A Twist
  • Hatfield-McCoy Opens West Virginia’s First ORV Trail System
  • Michigan OHV Organization Puts RTP Money To Work For The Benefit Of All
  • Minnesota Youth Expo Sparks Interest In Kids For Trail Riding And More
  • Boy Scouts Rally For ATV Riding From West Virginia To Montana
  • Mixed Gear Bag



July 2013


  • “Sharing Trails” Event Is A Good Lesson For Students And Adults
  • COHVCO Sends Out An S.O.S. For Motorized Recreation
  • Minnesota Non-Profit Receives National Award For School Messaging Program on Motorized Trails Safety
  • Across New Hampshire, Businesses Are Tying In To “Ride The Wilds”
  • 13th Annual COHVCO Workshop Focused On Building Partnerships And Economic Development
  • Mixed Gear Bag



June 2013


  • Utah State Park Adds “ATV Ride With The Rangers”
  • This OHV Partnership Is A Horse Of A Different Color
  • Colorado BSA Council Adds Public Trails And Conservation Projects To Its ATV Program
  • This Annual Report Is A “Must Read.”
  • NOHVCC Workshop In Ontario Receives High Praise
  • Mixed Gear Bag



May 2013


  • Mud Buddies Provides ATV Experience For Families With Special Needs Children
  • Want To Boost Club Membership? Take The “Covert” Approach
  • Utah Remembers Fallen Peace Officers With Trail
  • Chris McNeil Turned An ATV Simulator Into A Nationally Recognized Safety Program
  • San Francisco Is Now “City By The 4WD Play Area”
  • Mixed Gear Bag



April 2013


  • Ron Potter To Serve As Program Manager For NOHVCC Management Solutions
  • Leaving Public Lands Unmanaged To Preserve Forests Has Opposite Effect
  • NOHVCC Recruiting Effort Paying Off With New Partner Applications
  • USFS Worker Volunteers Hundreds Of Hours To Maintain OHV Trails
  • Yamaha and “Stay The Trail” Win National Awards At International Trails Symposium
  • Mixed Gear Bag



March 2013


  • Utah To Honor State’s Fallen Peace Officers At OHV Trailhead
  • University Study Shows Even Small OHV Parks Have Positive Impact
  • In Colorado, Smart Phones Make It Easier To Stay The Trail
  • More Fun Ideas To Keep Your Members Smiling, Laughing And Riding!
  • Know A Successful OHV Project? Let It Be Known Across the Country!
  • Mixed Gear Bag



February 2013


  • AZ OHV Program Coordinator Boosts User Participation With “Trail Talks”
  • NOHVCC State Partner Details Total Public Acres Already Restricted
  • NOHVCC Broadening Its Reach With More Associate State Partners
  • ARRA Encourages Powersports Dealers To Engage On Access Issues
  • Add More Fun To Your Club With These Ideas From Around The Country
  • Mixed Gear Bag



January 2013


  • NOHVCC State Partner Reaching Out To General Public
  • “Wilderness” Designations Have Negative Impact On Local Economies
  • Grab Your Helmet, Head For The International Trails Symposium...And Ride
  • Spotlighting Dani Cady, Vermont ATV Sportsman’s Association
  • Add Rockhounds To Your List Of Partners On OHV Access Issues
  • NOHVCC Associate State Partner, Rodney Drum Memorial
  • Mixed Gear Bag



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