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Cartoon Image-NewspaperSeeing long lists of newsletters can be a bit over whelming or at least boring. So we have split up our newsletter lists into smaller bunches.  We hope it will make hunting for one of our past issues a little easier.

This page contains the Newsletter from 2011.

Can't remember what was in each issue?  Don't worry, we can't either.  We put the article titles in a list below the month for you.



We hope that you enjoy the information in the issues.



December 2011


  • The Perfect Gift – OHV Safety!
  • Webinar Series Offered Again
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Fourth in a Series
  • Novel Approach To Travel Management Planning Leads To Multiple Awards For Pike National Forest
  • ATV Geocaching: A Treasure Hunt On Wheels
  • Looking Forward



November 2011


  • Enduro Riders Tell Their Story In “Endless Sunday”
  • 20 State OHV Program Managers Shift INOHVAA Into High Gear
  • "Like” Us On Facebook And Start Sharing Your OHV Success Stories
  • OHV Recreation Plays Key Role In “Get Out West! Initiative”
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Third in a Series
  • Looking Forward



October 2011


  • People from All Walks of Life Enjoy this CRT Award Recipient in Wyoming
  • NOHVCC & INOHVAA Conferences Convene in Minneapolis
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Second in a Series
  • Contract With FHWA Approved, Signed, Applauded at NOHVCC Conference
  • Lewis Shuler and Tom Umphress Inducted into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • Outstanding Organizations & Individuals Recognized at NOHVCC Conference



September 2011


  • What Is Your Club Doing to Develop OHV Leaders of the Future?
  • Use of RTP Funds Shines on this 2011 CRT Award Recipient in Minnesota
  • Spotlighting Chastity Miller, Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District, New York
  • Pilot Project Promotes Partnerships
  • Looking Forward



August 2011


  • OHV Industry Flies a New Flag, "Remeber the Lead Law!"
  • ATV, Snowmobile, and Sled Dog Clubs Work Together to Save Trails...And Money
  • No Shhhh! It’s An OHV Library
  • Musselshell Trail Is 2011 CRT Award Recipient
  • Minnesota State Park Adds Horsepower To Nature Programs
  • Looking Forward



July 2011


  • 15 Minutes Could Save You 100% On Trail Funding
  • Onward Adventure Trail!
  • The Right Kind of a Hearing
  • Nevada Opens First Professionally Designed OHV Trail System
  • NOHVCC OHV Recreation Management Workshops in Minnesota and Colorado
  • Looking Forward



June 2011


  • Spotlighting Drew Johnson, Ocala National Forest
  • Bill Introduced To Limit Inappropriate Lawsuits
  • Celebrate The Defeat of The “Wild Lands” Policy
  • Planning For The 2011 NOHVCC Conference Shifts To High Gear
  • New Book Adds To The “Trail Renaissance” Of OHV Information
  • OHV Manufacturers Reaching Out To Riders With Tweets & Blogs



May 2011


  • Lewis Shuler Turns 3-Rs into 4-Rs at Career Day
  • NOHVCC Testifies at Congressional Hearing
  • Who Is the Public in Public Land?
  • Adventure Trail Activity Book Get a Facelift
  • Railroad Administration Reaches Out To ATV Riders With Safety Flyer
  • Looking Forward



April 2011 


  • Heidi Annau Back in the Office
  • Off-Highway PAL Program Connects Peace Officers with Youth
  • NOHVCC Spreads the Message from Coast to Coast
  • And Now For Some Good News On Public Land Access
  • Secretary LaHood’s New Blog Posts Your Written Questions, His On-Camera Answers
  • Looking Forward 



March 2011


  • Beloved Office Administrator On Leave
  • New Right Rider Access Fund Makes Donating To OHV Causes Easy
  • Nominate an OHV Project for the CRT Awards
  • All in Favor of Keeping Motorized Trails, Say Aye
  • RTP Funding In Jeopardy As Congress Cuts Federal Programs
  • New Accessibility Rules from the Department of Justice
  • Youth Scholarship Available for Trails Conference



February 2011


  • Minnesota -- named "Best Trails State" -- is site of 2011 NOHVCC Conference
  • Let's All Tell Congress To Get The Lead Out!
  • Managing OHVs: You Can Ride the Trail to Success
  • New OHV Program Managers Group Gaining Traction
  • Not All "Responsible" Trail Groups Are Working in Your Favor



January 2011


  • Challenges Ahead in 2011
  • Upcoming Fisher's ATV World Episode Mentions NOHVCC
  • How Can We Help You?
  • What's Up
  • Marshall Scholarship Winner


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