NOHVCC 2010 - Nov 2009 Newsletter Archives

Cartoon Image-NewspaperSeeing long lists of newsletters can be a bit over whelming or at least boring. So we have split up our newsletter lists into smaller bunches.  We hope it will make hunting for one of our past issues a little easier.

This page contains the Newsletter from 2010 - Nov 2009.  That is when we first started putting the newsletters into the current format.

Can't remember what was in each issue?  Don't worry, we can't either.  We put the article titles in a list below the month for you.



We hope that you enjoy the information in the issues.



December 2010


  • 2010 - Great Year for OHV Recreation Despite Challenges
  • ROHVA Launches New Online Banner Ads
  • Wrench Your Rights!
  • NMOHVA Wins Appeal of Travel Management Decision



November 2010


  • American Trails Awards with OHV Interests
  • Cheaha Trail Riders Shine in November
  • Oregon's Tillamook State Forest Receives Yamaha Grant
  • Buckeye Dual Sporters Win AMA Award



October 2010


  • Pennsylvania Adventure Park Workshop
  • Shoshone Trail System Opens in Nevada
  • American Trails Symposium
  • Harley-Davidson Helping OHV Efforts in Wisconsin
  • NOHVCC Conference Presentations on Website
  • NOHVCC Ohio State Partner Nominated for AMA Award



September 2010


  • NOHVCC & NAOPM Conferences Convene in Great Falls
  • Hall of Fame Class of 2010
  • NOHVCC Recognizes Outanding Organizations and Individuals
  • Idaho Trail Named for Ernie Lombard - NOHVCC Partner
  • American Trails Symposium Registration is Open



August 2010


  • Trail Equipment Demos Offered at NOHVCC Conference
  • Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area CRT Award
  • Coalition of Recreational Trail Users CRT Award
  • Ron Morgenthaler - OHV Advocate



July 2010


  • 2010 NOHVCC/NAOPM Conferences
  • Federal Judge Reopens Motorized Trails in MT
  • COHVCO Workshop
  • Agassiz Trail CRT award
  • Without Volunteers, You Might Not Have a Place to Ride



June 2010


  • Updates
  • Rampart Range OHV Development
  • Tom Crimmins Appointed to Idaho State Parks Board
  • Spotlighting Cynthia Henderson
  • NOHVCC Field Events
  • Listening Sessions



May 2010


  • New Intern At NOHVCC
  • Sam Houston Trails Coalition
  • Have Trails, Get Awards
  • DVD Distribution Update



April 2010


  • Schedule Your NOHVCC Workshop
  • GAO Releases ATV Use and Safety Report
  • DVD Distribution Competition
  • 4-H Announces New ATV Safety Site



March 2010


  • Nominate Your Trail Project
  • Mixed Fundraising
  • ARRA Applaudes Public Land Enforcement Legislation
  • Building Your Clubs Membership
  • 2010 Conference Preview
  • Off-Road Wildflower Viewing



February 2010


  • Now is the Time for Action - Lead Ban part 2
  • GAO Report on OHV Use on Federal Lands
  • Positive Economic Impact of OHV Recreation
  • Prevent Trail Funding From Being Slashed in Budget
  • Training Resources with a Click
  • Rubicon Trail Updates



January 2010


  • The Lead Ban - It Ain't Over
  • John Barksdale Retires
  • NOHVCC Club Surveys
  • New Round of Webinars Available
  • USFS Changes Mangement Rule



December 2009


  • Helmet Safety Campagin Created
  • Moss Lake Trails Opened
  • FMF's Sound-Off
  • Public Land Advocacy Videos
  • US Forest Service Creating Plans



November 2009


  • Mona Ehnes Inducted into AMA Hall of Fame
  • Discounted Software for Non-Profits
  • Glenn Myers Retires as NOHVCC State Partner
  • RTI 2009 Fall Scholarship Winner
  • Soverign Trail Highlights Cooperative Trail Maintenance
  • Environmental Litigation Gravy Train



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