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November 2015


  • NOHVCC Returns To California, Where It All Began, To Celebrate Its 25th
  • NOHVCC’s New “Great Trails” Book Is A Premier Resource Guide For The OHV Industry
  • NOHVCC Founders and OHV Leaders Inducted into Hall of Fame
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Individuals In Minnesota and Colorado
  • NOHVCC Presents Awards To Eleven Outstanding Individuals And Organizations
  • Mixed Gear Bag



October 2015


  • Colorado OHV Clubs Share Tips & Tools They Use To Grow And Prosper
  • Pedal Power Or Horsepower, It’s All Good To These User-Friendly Land Managers
  • Schools Have 3Rs, NOHVCC Has 4Es. Both Involve Education
  • Virginia’s New Stone Mountain Trail Adds To OHV Success Stories On Coal Mining Lands
  • Mixed Gear Bag



September 2015


  • Good OHV Policy Decisions Start With A Good OHV Ride, Say These Trail Planners
  • OHV User Groups Worked Together And Persevered On BLM Decision For New Mexico Rec Area
  • NOHVCC Has The Tools To Help You Build Or Re-Build Your OHV State Association
  • COHVCO Workshop Shows The Value Of Partnering With Local Communities
  • Over 25 Years, NOHVCC Teams Evolved With Changing Times & OHV Challenges
  • Mixed Gear Bag



August 2015


  • The Ebb and Flow Of OHV State Associations
  • NOHVCC Goes Four-For-Four With Well-Attended, Successful Workshops
  • Understanding Passion Is Key To Positive Agency To Rider Relations
  • New Florida Trail System Built With Lots Of Patience And Partnerships
  • NOHVCC Has Ridden Out Its Share Of Double-Black-Diamond Challenges
  • Mixed Gear Bag



July 2015


  • Colorado ATV Club Provides Search & Rescue Assistance To Sheriff’s Department
  • The State of OHV State Associations
  • Dana Bell Led The Way On Early NOHVCC Workshops And Materials
  • NOHVCC Associate Partner Devotes Retirement To County Park’s ATV Trails
  • These Life-Long Riders Are 30-Year Veterans In Trail Management And Law Enforcement
  • Mixed Gear Bag



June 2015


  • OHV Safety Contest Says: “Show Us Your Helmet Hair”
  • Key To NOHVCC Success: Dedication, Integrity & Partnerships
  • This Oklahoma OHV Trail System Is City Owned And Operated
  • These Program Managers Love Twisting The Throttle On OHVs And OHV Recreation Planning
  • Wanted: Success Stories On Powersports Dealers Working To Keep Public Lands Open To The Public
  • Mixed Gear Bag



May 2015


  • Powersports Dealers Connect Sales To Trails With OHV Advocacy
  • Reroute Of Multi-Use Trail Is All About Cooperation
  • Silvio Carrara Is “The Godfather Of NOHVCC”
  • They Work As State And Federal Program Managers. They Are Women. And They Ride.
  • Promote ATV Safety Week In Your Area With These Logos & Digital Banners
  • Mixed Gear Bag



April 2015


  • Preserving Public Access Takes Dedication, Hard Work And A Declaration Of Your Right To Ride
  • Helping The NOHVCC “Design Team” Focus, Communicate And Address OHV Issues Of The Early ‘90s
  • North Dakota Dealership Pins The Throttle On OHV Advocacy
  • Three State OHV Program Managers, Three Views On Being An OHV Rider
  • Spotlighting Jaydon Mead, Recreation Technician, BLM Price Field Office
  • Mixed Gear Bag



March 2015


  • NOHVCC Hall Of Fame: Passionate Advocates Of Motorized Recreation
  • At This Indiana Dealership, Promoting Trails, Clubs And Rider Training Is Part Of The Job
  • INOHVAA Board Members Agree: Learning To Ride Is A Big Plus For State Program Managers
  • ATV Simulator, Posters And Free T-Shirts Advance OHV Safety Education In Pennsylvania
  • CCC Of Michigan Moves From Printed Maps To Flash Drives And Mobile Apps
  • Mixed Gear Bag



February 2015


  • Original “Design Team” Set The Stage For NOHVCC’s Growth And Success
  • State Partners Bring The NOHVCC Mission And Tools To OHV Clubs & Associations
  • “Yes I Make OHV Trail Decisions. No I Don’t Ride Or Want To Learn.”
  • This Dealer’s Business Model Includes Giving Back To OHV Clubs, Riders & Racers
  • New York County Launches Mobile Apps To Promote Trail Tourism
  • Mixed Gear Bag



January 2015


  • 25 Years Ago, Honda’s Vision Became NOHVCC’s Mission
  • Top 10 Ways Your Club Can “Create A Positive Future For OHV Recreation”
  • Paper, Smartphone Or Tablet: Montana Club Has Trail Maps Covered
  • Spotlighting Tasha Nielsen, Gypsum City OHV Park Trail Technician
  • Dealer Delivers Memberships To State OHV Association
  • Mixed Gear Bag



December 2014


  • On “Wilderness” Designations, Colorado Groups Say: “Enough Is Enough”
  • Single-Track Success Story Has Unlikely Star
  • Add This Report Out Of Minnesota To Your Trail-Building Toolbox
  • In Montana, Students Are Taught Early To Get “On The Right Trail”
  • Mixed Gear Bag



November 2014


  • “Two Thumbs Up” To A New Documentary On The Western Slope ATV Association
  • At This Iowa Dealership, OHV Advocacy Is Good For Business
  • Colorado Trails Alliance “Pays It Forward” To Help Preserve OHV Recreation
  • Wayne National Forest Partners With AMA On Ethics Videos
  • Alabama Club Wraps OHV Safety Messages Around RV And Traile
  • Mixed Gear Bag



October 2014


  • Barrett Brown Singlehandedly Changed Single-Track Construction & Maintenance
  • Pembina Gorge Is Gorgeous Addition To North Dakota OHV Trails
  • Oregon Dealer Clears Showroom To Host OHV Meetings And Banquets
  • In Alaska, Tool Trailers Help Build Trails ... And Volunteerism
  • How To Respond To The Media (A List Worth Saving & Sharing)
  • Do NOHVCC Partners Speak On Behalf Of NOHVCC?
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 September 2014


  • Powersports Dealer Promotes Local OHV Clubs, Pays Dues For New Buyers
  • Ohio OHV Group’s Custom Trailer Helps Build Trails And Good PR For Them
  • Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference Delivers 5-Days Of “Seat Time” In Meeting Rooms And On OHVs
  • Hall of Fame and Trail of Fame
  • Ten Outstanding Individuals And Organizations Are Recipients Of NOHVCC Awards
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Individuals
  • Mixed Gear Bag



August 2014


  • Colorado OHV Group Perseveres, Builds A Safer Water Crossing For All User Groups
  • Wisconsin DNR Answers OHV Questions Through On-Line “Chats”
  • At This Powersports Store, Dealer Rides Are A Top Priority
  • A Must-See Video: “Trails Unlimited: Training The Next Generation”
  • Small Trailer Tackles Big Trail-Building Jobs
  • Mixed Gear Bag



July 2014


  • Power Brokers Inc. Is Putting Its Money On The Next Generation Of Riders
  • OHV Park Development Workshop Features Partnerships & Trail Construction
  • Online ATV Safety Education Growing In Usage, But Has Pros And Cons
  • Utah’s Safety Ed Trailer Sparks Interest Everywhere It Goes...And It Goes Everywhere
  • Setting “Ground Rules” Helps Keep OHV Meetings Positive & Productive
  • Mixed Gear Bag



June 2014


  • 7 Facts You Can Use To Address Wilderness Proposals In Your Riding Area
  • “I ride...I ride fast...I ride hard...and I work for the government.”
  • “Big Ed” Goes The Distance On OHV Safety Education
  • Online ATV Safety Training Enhances Educational Program For Iowa DNR
  • 60 From State And Federal Agencies Attend First-Ever NOHVCC Trail Maintenance Workshop
  • Mixed Gear Bag


May 2014


  • Minnesota Dealership Serves Up OHV Advocacy With Open-House Burgers & Brats
  • Spotlighting Marc Hildesheim, New Mexico OHV Staff Manager
  • ROVs Are Different Than ATVs. ROHVA Provides The Safety Training.
  • Happy 10th Anniversary To The New Mexico OHV Alliance
  • Bullhead Feed Hooks New Members, Reels In Community Support
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 April 2014


  • Arizona’s “Show Me Rides” Are A Hit With New And Veteran OHV Riders
  • SURVEY SAYS! Find Out What Your Club Members Are Thinking With A Free On-Line Survey
  • “Buckle Up For Safety, Buckle Up.” Jingle For Cars In The ‘60s Rings True For ROVs Today
  • Honda Safety Kiosk Is The Granddaddy Of Rider Education At The Dealer Level
  • What Do All Those OHV Organizations (And Their Abbreviations) Stand For Anyway?
  • Mixed Gear Bag



March 2014


  • This Utah “Win-Win” Is Good For OHV Riders And The BLM
  • States Grapple With ROV Definitions, Adopt ROV-Specific Laws
  • Dealer’s “Wrench Night” Gives Riders Tips On Service, Clubs and Places To Ride
  • Sage Riders To Racers: “Want To Keep Racing? Join A Club!”
  • Post-Tornado Cleanup Brings Ohio Club Positive Image And New Members
  • Mixed Gear Bag



February 2014


  • An Off-Road Banquet Salute
  • Arkansas Congressman Puts Town Hall Meeting On Wheels
  • “More Push Pins!” Says Yamaha About Its Grant Tracker Map
  • Partnerships Make OHV Training Area Possible
  • NOHVCC Associate State Partners Receive 2014 AMA Awards
  • Mixed Gear Bag



January 2014


  • Top 12 Anti-Access “Facts” And How To Respond To Them
  • Wanted: Motocrossers, Flat Trackers And Hill Climbers To Help Keep Riding Areas Open
  • Hunting For New Members? Track The Successful Model Of Pheasants Forever
  • NOHVCC Workshops -- A Lifeline For OHV Clubs And Associations
  • Michigan Motorcycle Trail Transformed To One Of Best In Midwest
  • Mixed Gear Bag



December 2013


  • Creating A Trail Town? Don’t Stop At Saying You’re “ATV Friendly”
  • Maryland’s OHV Trails May Be Gone...But Not For Long Thanks To New OHV Alliance
  • Golden Rule Of Trail Building: Don’t Badmouth Your Partners
  • Maine 4x4 Thanks Wounded Veterans With “Warrior Salute” Ride
  • ASA’s “Safety Bug” Puts A Fun Spin On Duning Safety Education
  • Mixed Gear Bag



November 2013


  • State Forests Management Superior to Federal Forests for Job Creation, Revenue Production, Local Economies and Fire Prevention
  • Arizona User Groups Cooperate And Compete On Trail Day -- And Have The Trophy To Prove It.
  • Ocala National Forest Creates Positive Rider Experience While Protecting Fragile Ecosystem
  • More Reasons NOHVCC Volunteers Of The Year Are “Outstanding”
  • “Ready To Ride” Park Helps Kids Turn The Corner On OHVs...And Life.
  • Mixed Gear Bag




October 2013 


  • Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference Delivers A “Fire Hose” Of Valuable OHV Information
  • Jack Terrell Downshifts And Jumps The Congressional Logjam
  • Nancy Minard and Duane Taylor Inducted Into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • Eleven Outstanding Individuals And Organizations Are Recipients Of NOHVCC Awards
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Individuals
  • OHV Industry Groups Host First International 4WPV Safety Conference
  • AIMExpo Features Introductory Experience For First-Time Riders
  • Mixed Gear Bag




September 2013


  • Now That’s A Motorized Travel Map!
  • The Travel Management Process: Lessons Learned For Agencies And Users
  • Poker Runs Are A Sure Bet To Have Fun And Raise Funds
  • Thanks To New Trail System, “Virginia Is For (OHV) Lovers”
  • USDOT Strategic 5-Year Plan Impacts OHV Recreation
  • Mixed Gear Bag




August 2013


  • Our Annual Conference Has A Twist
  • Hatfield-McCoy Opens West Virginia’s First ORV Trail System
  • Michigan OHV Organization Puts RTP Money To Work For The Benefit Of All
  • Minnesota Youth Expo Sparks Interest In Kids For Trail Riding And More
  • Boy Scouts Rally For ATV Riding From West Virginia To Montana
  • Mixed Gear Bag




July 2013


  • “Sharing Trails” Event Is A Good Lesson For Students And Adults
  • COHVCO Sends Out An S.O.S. For Motorized Recreation
  • Minnesota Non-Profit Receives National Award For School Messaging Program on Motorized Trails Safety
  • Across New Hampshire, Businesses Are Tying In To “Ride The Wilds”
  • 13th Annual COHVCO Workshop Focused On Building Partnerships And Economic Development
  • Mixed Gear Bag




June 2013


  • Utah State Park Adds “ATV Ride With The Rangers”
  • This OHV Partnership Is A Horse Of A Different Color
  • Colorado BSA Council Adds Public Trails And Conservation Projects To Its ATV Program
  • This Annual Report Is A “Must Read.”
  • NOHVCC Workshop In Ontario Receives High Praise
  • Mixed Gear Bag




May 2013


  • Mud Buddies Provides ATV Experience For Families With Special Needs Children
  • Want To Boost Club Membership? Take The “Covert” Approach
  • Utah Remembers Fallen Peace Officers With Trail
  • Chris McNeil Turned An ATV Simulator Into A Nationally Recognized Safety Program
  • San Francisco Is Now “City By The 4WD Play Area”
  • Mixed Gear Bag




April 2013


  • Ron Potter To Serve As Program Manager For NOHVCC Management Solutions
  • Leaving Public Lands Unmanaged To Preserve Forests Has Opposite Effect
  • NOHVCC Recruiting Effort Paying Off With New Partner Applications
  • USFS Worker Volunteers Hundreds Of Hours To Maintain OHV Trails
  • Yamaha and “Stay The Trail” Win National Awards At International Trails Symposium
  • Mixed Gear Bag




March 2013


  • Utah To Honor State’s Fallen Peace Officers At OHV Trailhead
  • University Study Shows Even Small OHV Parks Have Positive Impact
  • In Colorado, Smart Phones Make It Easier To Stay The Trail
  • More Fun Ideas To Keep Your Members Smiling, Laughing And Riding!
  • Know A Successful OHV Project? Let It Be Known Across the Country!
  • Mixed Gear Bag




February 2013


  • AZ OHV Program Coordinator Boosts User Participation With “Trail Talks”
  • NOHVCC State Partner Details Total Public Acres Already Restricted
  • NOHVCC Broadening Its Reach With More Associate State Partners
  • ARRA Encourages Powersports Dealers To Engage On Access Issues
  • Add More Fun To Your Club With These Ideas From Around The Country
  • Mixed Gear Bag




January 2013



  • NOHVCC State Partner Reaching Out To General Public
  • “Wilderness” Designations Have Negative Impact On Local Economies
  • Grab Your Helmet, Head For The International Trails Symposium...And Ride
  • Spotlighting Dani Cady, Vermont ATV Sportsman’s Association
  • Add Rockhounds To Your List Of Partners On OHV Access Issues
  • NOHVCC Associate State Partner, Rodney Drum Memorial
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 December 2012


  • Children’s Book Takes Kids On An ATV Adventure
  • Join The Effort Of 14 Motorized Rec Groups In A Letter To President Obama
  • Post-Election, Where Do We Stand And What Should We Be Doing?
  • OHV Clubs Have Fun, Serve Communities By “Thinking Outside The Cargo Box”
  • Boy Scout Councils With ATV Programs Double In 2013
  • NOHVCC Assists Iceland’s OHV Clubs With Workshops, Parliament Meetings
  • Mixed Gear Bag



November 2012


  • What We Learned From The Closing Of Trail 444
  • Extending ATV Safety Messages On Club Web Sites Is Easy And Important
  • Roll-Over Protection Systems...On ATVs?
  • “Guidelines For OHV Clubs” Available Free From NOHVCC
  • Marshall University OHV Curriculum Now Complete
  • Looking Forward



October 2012


  • CPSC ATV Safety Summit Fosters Positive Dialogue
  • The Closing Of Trail 444
  • Whether Old or New, Breathe New Life Into Your Club With CPR
  • Boy Scout Camp Partners With NOHVCC To Build A Sustainable ATV Trail System
  • Wanted: NOHVCC Partners & Associate Partners
  • What You Are Doing To Close OHV Trails
  • Looking Forward



September 2012


  • ATV Association Helps Local Military Families Get Out And Ride
  • Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference Convenes in Great Falls
  • Mark Mitchell Inducted into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • Outstanding Individuals & Organizations Recognized at NOHVCC Conference
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Deserving Groups & Individuals
  • Nominate An Outstanding Person Or Project In Your OHV Community For A National Trails Award  



August 2012


  • Having A Great Ride On Minnesota’s Designated OHV Trails? Thank A Volunteer
  • Now Is The Time For All Good Riders To Come To The Aid Of Their OHV-Friendly Candidates
  • CRT Award Adds To Long List Of Accolades For Ernie Lombard
  • This CRT Award Winner Gives Shelter To OHV Riders In Oregon
  • NOHVCC Minnesota OHV Group Places Innovative Safety Posters In Schools
  • 6-Part Series On “Public Land Advocacy” DVD Sparks Interest Far & Wide
  • Looking Forward



July 2012


  • “And the award goes to...   ”NOHVCC and INOHVAA Now Accepting Award Nominations For Fall Conference
  • INOHVAA Finance Survey Paves The Way For Information Sharing And Member Success
  • “Three More Reasons To Order The “Public Lands Advocacy” DVD: Chapters On Monitoring, Maintenance & Signing
  • Building Consensus On This Multi-Use Trail In Minnesota Started With 5 Questions
  • Wanted: More OHV Presenters At The International Trails Symposium
  • Looking Forward  



June 2012


  • "Do The Ride Thing” Video Contest Gets Kids Thinking About And Filming Safe Riding Practices
  • American Trails Presents Webinars Of Interest To Trail Planners
  • Working With Land Managers” Is A 20-Minute Lesson In Writing Effective Comments...And Diplomacy
  • Russ Ehnes Named To USFS Planning Rule Advisory Committee
  • Recharge Your Battery At The 2012 Annual NOHVCC & INOHVAA Conference
  • Looking Forward



May 2012


  • Minnesota’s ATV Fair Puts A Fun Spin On OHV Safety
  • Season for a Reason
  • Trail Planning, Part 2: Incorporating Roads, Play Areas & Support Facilities
  • This Yamaha OHV Grant Project Is A Win-Win-Win-Win
  • Spotlighting Allison Barnes, Weston Hills Recreation Area, Wyoming
  • Now Taking Ideas for the Annual Conference
  • Looking Forward



April 2012


  • You’ve Got Helmet Questions. It’s Got Helmet Answers
  • NOHVCC Is Looking For A Few Good Youth Corp or AmeriCorps Members
  • Trail Planning, Part 1: A “Must See” DVD For Every Trail Planner
  • 4-H “Tread-sylvania” Game Takes Kids On An Adventure In ATV Safety
  • Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grants Help Fund Trail Work Days And Desert Cleanups
  • American Trails Announces Updated Business Directory
  • Looking Forward



March 2012


  • OHV Rescue Rigs Save Lives On Farms, Forests & Trails
  • The 4 E’s: At The Heart Of Successful OHV Trail Planning
  • Boy Scouts of America Adds ATV Program, Gets Great Results
  • NOHVCC Club Start-Up Kit + Positive Attitude = South Carolina Success Story
  • Maine ATV Club Overcomes Bridge-Building Challenges Of Funding And Design
  • Looking Forward



February 2012


  • Mayo Clinic Studies, Advances Understanding Of Concussions In Motocross
  • Thinking About Building A New Trail? First, Process The Process
  • Cooperative Effort Helps Knott County, KY, Put The Focus On OHV Safety
  • Woodland Mini Enduro Puts Kids On Course For The Future
  • Does Your Trail Project Have What it Takes?
  • Looking Forward



January 2012


  • Yamaha and Polaris Grants Fund Hundreds Of OHV Success Stories
  • Idaho Creates Trailblazing OHV Mapping System
  • Youth + Mentors + Dirt Bikes = NYPUM Success Story
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Fifth in a Series
  • New Children’s “Adventure Trail Activity Book” Available From NOHVCC
  • Looking Forward



December 2011


  • The Perfect Gift – OHV Safety!
  • Webinar Series Offered Again
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Fourth in a Series
  • Novel Approach To Travel Management Planning Leads To Multiple Awards For Pike National Forest
  • ATV Geocaching: A Treasure Hunt On Wheels
  • Looking Forward



November 2011


  • Enduro Riders Tell Their Story In “Endless Sunday”
  • 20 State OHV Program Managers Shift INOHVAA Into High Gear
  • "Like” Us On Facebook And Start Sharing Your OHV Success Stories
  • OHV Recreation Plays Key Role In “Get Out West! Initiative”
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Third in a Series
  • Looking Forward



October 2011


  • People from All Walks of Life Enjoy this CRT Award Recipient in Wyoming
  • NOHVCC & INOHVAA Conferences Convene in Minneapolis
  • Developing OHV Leaders of the Future - Second in a Series
  • Contract With FHWA Approved, Signed, Applauded at NOHVCC Conference
  • Lewis Shuler and Tom Umphress Inducted into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • Outstanding Organizations & Individuals Recognized at NOHVCC Conference



September 2011


  • What Is Your Club Doing to Develop OHV Leaders of the Future?
  • Use of RTP Funds Shines on this 2011 CRT Award Recipient in Minnesota
  • Spotlighting Chastity Miller, Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District, New York
  • Pilot Project Promotes Partnerships
  • Looking Forward



August 2011


  • OHV Industry Flies a New Flag, "Remeber the Lead Law!"
  • ATV, Snowmobile, and Sled Dog Clubs Work Together to Save Trails...And Money
  • No Shhhh! It’s An OHV Library
  • Musselshell Trail Is 2011 CRT Award Recipient
  • Minnesota State Park Adds Horsepower To Nature Programs
  • Looking Forward



July 2011


  • 15 Minutes Could Save You 100% On Trail Funding
  • Onward Adventure Trail!
  • The Right Kind of a Hearing
  • Nevada Opens First Professionally Designed OHV Trail System
  • NOHVCC OHV Recreation Management Workshops in Minnesota and Colorado
  • Looking Forward



June 2011


  • Spotlighting Drew Johnson, Ocala National Forest
  • Bill Introduced To Limit Inappropriate Lawsuits
  • Celebrate The Defeat of The “Wild Lands” Policy
  • Planning For The 2011 NOHVCC Conference Shifts To High Gear
  • New Book Adds To The “Trail Renaissance” Of OHV Information
  • OHV Manufacturers Reaching Out To Riders With Tweets & Blogs



May 2011


  • Lewis Shuler Turns 3-Rs into 4-Rs at Career Day
  • NOHVCC Testifies at Congressional Hearing
  • Who Is the Public in Public Land?
  • Adventure Trail Activity Book Get a Facelift
  • Railroad Administration Reaches Out To ATV Riders With Safety Flyer
  • Looking Forward



April 2011 


  • Heidi Annau Back in the Office
  • Off-Highway PAL Program Connects Peace Officers with Youth
  • NOHVCC Spreads the Message from Coast to Coast
  • And Now For Some Good News On Public Land Access
  • Secretary LaHood’s New Blog Posts Your Written Questions, His On-Camera Answers
  • Looking Forward 



March 2011


  • Beloved Office Administrator On Leave
  • New Right Rider Access Fund Makes Donating To OHV Causes Easy
  • Nominate an OHV Project for the CRT Awards
  • All in Favor of Keeping Motorized Trails, Say Aye
  • RTP Funding In Jeopardy As Congress Cuts Federal Programs
  • New Accessibility Rules from the Department of Justice
  • Youth Scholarship Available for Trails Conference



February 2011


  • Minnesota -- named "Best Trails State" -- is site of 2011 NOHVCC Conference
  • Let's All Tell Congress To Get The Lead Out!
  • Managing OHVs: You Can Ride the Trail to Success
  • New OHV Program Managers Group Gaining Traction
  • Not All "Responsible" Trail Groups Are Working in Your Favor



January 2011


  • Challenges Ahead in 2011
  • Upcoming Fisher's ATV World Episode Mentions NOHVCC
  • How Can We Help You?
  • What's Up
  • Marshall Scholarship Winner



December 2010


  • 2010 - Great Year for OHV Recreation Despite Challenges
  • ROHVA Launches New Online Banner Ads
  • Wrench Your Rights!
  • NMOHVA Wins Appeal of Travel Management Decision



November 2010


  • American Trails Awards with OHV Interests
  • Cheaha Trail Riders Shine in November
  • Oregon's Tillamook State Forest Receives Yamaha Grant
  • Buckeye Dual Sporters Win AMA Award



October 2010


  • Pennsylvania Adventure Park Workshop
  • Shoshone Trail System Opens in Nevada
  • American Trails Symposium
  • Harley-Davidson Helping OHV Efforts in Wisconsin
  • NOHVCC Conference Presentations on Website
  • NOHVCC Ohio State Partner Nominated for AMA Award



September 2010


  • NOHVCC & NAOPM Conferences Convene in Great Falls
  • Hall of Fame Class of 2010
  • NOHVCC Recognizes Outanding Organizations and Individuals
  • Idaho Trail Named for Ernie Lombard - NOHVCC Partner
  • American Trails Symposium Registration is Open



August 2010


  • Trail Equipment Demos Offered at NOHVCC Conference
  • Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area CRT Award
  • Coalition of Recreational Trail Users CRT Award
  • Ron Morgenthaler - OHV Advocate



July 2010


  • 2010 NOHVCC/NAOPM Conferences
  • Federal Judge Reopens Motorized Trails in MT
  • COHVCO Workshop
  • Agassiz Trail CRT award
  • Without Volunteers, You Might Not Have a Place to Ride



June 2010


  • Updates
  • Rampart Range OHV Development
  • Tom Crimmins Appointed to Idaho State Parks Board
  • Spotlighting Cynthia Henderson
  • NOHVCC Field Events
  • Listening Sessions



May 2010


  • New Intern At NOHVCC
  • Sam Houston Trails Coalition
  • Have Trails, Get Awards
  • DVD Distribution Update



April 2010


  • Schedule Your NOHVCC Workshop
  • GAO Releases ATV Use and Safety Report
  • DVD Distribution Competition
  • 4-H Announces New ATV Safety Site



March 2010


  • Nominate Your Trail Project
  • Mixed Fundraising
  • ARRA Applaudes Public Land Enforcement Legislation
  • Building Your Clubs Membership
  • 2010 Conference Preview
  • Off-Road Wildflower Viewing



February 2010


  • Now is the Time for Action - Lead Ban part 2
  • GAO Report on OHV Use on Federal Lands
  • Positive Economic Impact of OHV Recreation
  • Prevent Trail Funding From Being Slashed in Budget
  • Training Resources with a Click
  • Rubicon Trail Updates



January 2010


  • The Lead Ban - It Ain't Over
  • John Barksdale Retires
  • NOHVCC Club Surveys
  • New Round of Webinars Available
  • USFS Changes Mangement Rule



December 2009


  • Helmet Safety Campagin Created
  • Moss Lake Trails Opened
  • FMF's Sound-Off
  • Public Land Advocacy Videos
  • US Forest Service Creating Plans



November 2009


  • Mona Ehnes Inducted into AMA Hall of Fame
  • Discounted Software for Non-Profits
  • Glenn Myers Retires as NOHVCC State Partner
  • RTI 2009 Fall Scholarship Winner
  • Soverign Trail Highlights Cooperative Trail Maintenance
  • Environmental Litigation Gravy Train



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