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Keyboard with missing keysCan you believe it?  This version of the NOHVCC Newsletter has been published since Nov 2009.  The Newsletter started getting published much earlier, but starting in Nov 2009, the newsletter articles were saved as a long-term record of news on our website.


The information for past newsletters is still handy, even if it is old news.  So we decided to preserve it for you.  This has been happening for so long now, that having 1 list of all past newsletter articles has become a bit unwieldy.


To make things easier to you, we have separated the past newsletters into year-long archives.  This will allow you to search for past articles in smaller chunks, and hopefully find the information you need faster.

This page will serve as the main archive page, with links to all of the years below.  The current 12 months will still be found on the main Newsletter Page


Don't forget to check out the News (Information Corner) and Events items that appear on the home page and the Main Topic pages for more items that may interest you.  Check back to those areas, since they change often.


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