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Each month, the free NOHVCC newsletter delivers OHV success stories from across the U.S. and Canada, as well industry news and updates on important issues. Many articles feature OHV clubs and organizations that are partnering with State and Federal agencies to create new OHV riding opportunities, promote safe and responsible trail riding, and advance the NOHVCC mission: “Creating a Positive Future for OHV Recreation.”


The list below shows article headlines from past newsletters. Tap on a month to read the articles that interest you. To subscribe to the newsletter, add your email address in the upper right corner of this page. 


August 2017 


  • ‘Forward Momentum’ Was Theme Of Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Recipients In Nevada And Maine
  • OHV Leaders Are Inducted Into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • NOHVCC Presents Awards To 10 Outstanding Individuals And Organizations
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 July 2017


  • ‘21 Road Toad’ Is An OHV Success Story Like No Other
  • The Ribbon Is Cut And OHV Riding Officially Returns To Maryland
  • 600+ Scouts Complete ASI Training At National Jamboree
  • A Detailed Inventory Is Critical To Revitalizing OHV Trail Systems
  • Mixed Gear Bag



June 2017


  • Creating Work Plan Is First Step To Updating Iowa’s Oldest OHV Park
  • This Army Veteran Advances OHV Recreation With Military-Like Strategy
  • Have You Seen The New Saw Policy?
  • Polaris ATV trails at the Summit Bechtel Reserve are full of thrilling twists and turns
  • Mixed Gear Bag



May 2017


  • An Introduction To Duane Taylor, NOHVCC’s New Executive Director
  • Wayne National Forest Goes Digital With Trail Pass And Mobile Tour
  • Build Great Trails & Great Clubs With These Top 5 Tools
  • Military Training Helped This OHV Leader Build A Federation And Trails
  • Mixed Gear Bag



April 2017


  • At 10-Year Mark, OEM Grant Programs Considered Helpful Resource by USFS and BLM
  • New NOHVCC Guide: How To Partner With Private Landowners On OHV Trails
  • How Military Training Is Helping Some OHV Leaders Build Great Trails
  • Minnesota’s OHV Safety Training Programs Are Statewide Success
  • Mixed Gear Bag



March 2017


  • Canada’s Newest ATV Federation Has Big Success Story To Tel
  • “Story Maps” Use Technology To Create New Tool Promoting OHV Recreation
  • Partnership Innovation: Colorado ATV Club Loans Its Trail Dozers To Federal Agencies
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Report Shows Continuing Decline in ATV Deaths and Injuries
  • Mixed Gear Bag



February 2017


  • Pacific NW 4WD Association Uses Spill Kit To Protect Ground, Publicize The Group
  • Utah Club’s Award-Winning Bridge Project Makes Positive Impact In Many Directions
  • Some ATV Clubs in Minnesota Are New And Growing Fast, Others Calling It Quits
  • New Guidelines Add Clarity To OHV Trail Signage And Placement
  • AMA Names Russ Ehnes 2017 Outstanding Off-Road Rider
  • Mixed Gear Bag



January 2017


  • Free Helmet Exchange Tremendous Success In Newfoundland
  • Pennsylvania ATV Initiative Moving Toward 1,200 Mile Trail System
  • “GoPro: Trail Masters” Video Features Oregon’s Single-Track Trails And Those Who Build Them
  • Recruiting and Managing the Younger Volunteers
  • Mixed Gear Bag



December 2016


  • Here’s To 25 Years Of RTP And, With Vigilance, 25 More
  • Motorized Recreation Good For Body, Soul...And Canadian Economy
  • ATV “Learner Loops” Help New Riders Of All Ages Develop Trail-Riding Skills
  • Texas Coalitions And Agencies Tackle OHV Challenges At Great Trails Workshop
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 November 2016


  • New Forest Service Citizens’ Guide Invites The Public To Engage In Forest Planning
  • New Skills Course In Colorado Is NOHVCC “Success Story Of The Year”
  • Shopping On Amazon? One Click Donates To NOHVCC.
  • Connecticut Workshop Helps New Association Unify Voices Of OHV Clubs
  • NOHVCC “Association Of The Year” Bringing OHV Trails Back To Maryland
  • Mixed Gear Bag



October 2016


  • Joint NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference Sets A Positive Course For OHV Recreation
  • INOHVAA Presents National Awards To Agencies And Individuals In Montana, Colorado and Iowa
  • OHV Leaders In Utah and Minnesota Inducted Into NOHVCC Hall of Fame
  • NOHVCC Presents Awards To Nine Outstanding Individuals And Organizations
  • NOHVCC Salutes!
  • Mixed Gear Bag


September 2016


  • At This Off-Road Race, ATVs Assist Mushers And Their Sled Dogs
  • This California OHV Volunteer Program Is One Of The Biggest And Best
  • Building This Single-Track Took Partnerships, Patience ... And Perspiration
  • The Next Generation of Great Trails Includes Features To Challenge And Improve Rider Skills
  • Mixed Gear Bag




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