Thinking Outside the Funding CargoBox

So, everyone probably knows the normal sources of funding for OHV project such as local manufactures, local dealers, etc.  But just to make it easy, the big three 'industry' programs are:

Right Rider Access Fund
Polaris T.R.A.I.L.S.
Yamha OHV Access Initiative

There is also the Recreational Trails Program Education Funds.  Each State takes 5% of the RTP funds for the State and puts it aside for education.  Check with your local State RTP Administrator for the process to use those funds.  Usually a match is required.

But this program puts a unique spin on things.  The school messages that are put into the schools as part of the partnership with School Media, can help prevent accidents or injuries by promoting responsible OHV use and training.  There are companies out there that think preventing injuries is something to work towards.

Medical centers, especially children's hospitials, have started to work towards preventing accidents and injuries, not just treating them.  Many local hospitials have some sort of a budget to assist with the prevention and really like education programs.  If there is an urban area within a few hours of a trail system, chances are very good that the hospitals in that area would be a partner in funding the messages in the schools.  
Insurance companies also benefit from preventing accidents or injuries.  Check with your insurance agent to see what type of education funding programs are available.

There are also related types of industry such as farming, ranching, or other agricultural businesses, dealers, organizations, etc.  Have a John Deere dealer or plant in your town or near your target schools?  How about Kubota?  Does your local school have a Future Farmers of America Program and are they willing to assist with funding posters?  How about a local 4-H program?

What about other community programs for kids such as Boys and Girls Camps, YMCA, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc.  They maybe able to partner with you for funding to help keep kids safe and injury free.  Many local police and sheriff departments are willing to help fund these types of projects.

Then, there are other charities out there that like to help, especially with keeping children safe.  Some that you might not think about are:

Kohl's Cares For Kids - a charitable foundation that promotes children's health.  The program has a partnership with hospitals to help educate kids and their parents about injury prevention, asthma, immunizations, childhood obesity and more.  Although you wouldn't be able to write a grant to Kohl's directly, contacting any of their partner hospitals throughout the nation could help pay for the school banners.

State Farm's Good Neighbor program has funding for programs in both Home and Recreation Safety and Auto Safety.

SM training poster on middle school wallPlenty of Room

There is plenty of space on the posters for several partnering companies, businesses, and organizations to have their logo and their websites on the banners, so feel free to gather partners from several organizations and spread the coverage of the posters as far as possible.

There is also plenty of room for improving our outreach to the general public to help them understand that we care about our kids and are willing to do what it takes to help keep them safe.  This is a great opportunity to get in front of the general public as well as the kids. 

Take advantage of the opportunity, you never know, a bunch of partners might just say 'Yes!  We would love to help'.