Universal Workshops

For more information, including references and examples of past workshops, contact NOHVCC by calling toll-free at 800-348-6487 or by e-mailing us at trailhead@nohvcc.org. We'll work with you to provide the training you need in a way that will promote OHV recreation responsibly, help you plan and manage it effectively, and work together with NOHVCC to "create a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation."


US Forest Service Travel Management Workshops

New bridge over stream

These workshops are aimed at ensuring that the new OHV Route Designation Rule results in quality OHV trail systems that are adequate for demand, sustainable and fun. The "Travel Management; Designated Routes and Areas for Motor Vehicle Use Rule" requires each National Forest or ranger district to designate those roads, trails, and areas that are open to motor vehicles. The implementation of the rule has been a massive undertaking that has required individual forests to carry out an extensive process of route identification, evaluation, designation and mapping.


Since there is no requirement that each forest submit proposed actions and rules to any single clearinghouse, someone will have to be involved with each forest at the local level to ensure OHV trails are created or preserved.


Having the workshop at your location will allow the experts to review your on the ground trails or potential trail areas.  They can also review maps and other material that you currently have.


Although most of the initial work for the creation of the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) has already been done, it is still critical for enthusiasts to understand the rule and the process since all changes to the MVUM will need to be done using the same process; and updates are required yearly. The information regarding the Travel Management Rule can also gained through the NOHVCC Public Land Advocacy webinar series. 


Both the workshop and the webinar content was created with funding from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) and the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA).


Trail Sustainability Workshops

Four OHMs Riding Montana Single Track

These workshops continue from the point where the Travel Management Rule Workshops end. They start with a designated route system, such as a completed MVUM or other designated routes. The workshop then takes you through to making the process for a whole trail system. Time is spent in detail on signing, maintaining, and monitoring the routes for both the government agencies and the enthusiasts. It also takes you through the process to make route designation changes. The workshops then move into how to make effective comments and how to work effectively with the land managers.


As with the Travel Management Rule workshops, the advantages of having the workshop at your location is to have the experts look at your current situation and to make suggested changes. However, if that is not possible, the general information can be gained through the NOHVCC Public Land Advocacy webinar series.