Area Workshops

For more information, including references and examples of past workshops, contact NOHVCC by calling toll-free at 800-348-6487 or by e-mailing us at We'll work with you to provide the training you need in a way that will promote OHV recreation responsibly, help you plan and manage it effectively, and work together with NOHVCC to "create a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation."


OHV Recreation Management Workshops

These highly customized workshops bring area agency personnel, OHV enthusiasts, and other interested parties together for 4 days of highly productive training and discussion. Two of the days focus on training government agency personnel regarding the breadth of the OHV enthusiasts, what they are seeking in a trail system, how to design trails for sustainability, etc. The other two days focus on how the enthusiast can work with the processes the agency personnel must follow to assist the agency and gain a trail system they like. Other topics include management philosophy and principles, trail design, construction, and maintenance, signage, NEPA, volunteer development, GPS, user conflict prevention and resolution, and many more.


This workshop includes a field trip to areas of interest and uses the basic principles of trail sustainability to help the whole group work through any potential issues. This on the ground training is invaluable for all of the participants and can help create area of common ground and communication channels that will last long after the training sessions are over.


State Association Development Workshops

OHV club group photo

Throughout the years of its existence, NOHVCC continues to see that in areas where there are strong state-wide OHV associations, good things are happening. NOHVCC's experts will assist your local clubs, bringing together all forms of OHV recreation in your area, to form a state wide association. We will walk you through the creation of by-laws, meeting set-ups, membership considerations, and all of the details that make it difficult to get an association going. As an outside party, we can facilitate discussions and help reach consensus.