NOHVCC Workshops

NOHVCC is pleased to offer several different workshops to assist government agency personnel, enthusiasts, and others in the creation of a positive future for Off-Highway Vehicle recreation. There are two categories of workshops, universal and area specific. The universal workshops have content that is mostly the same from site to site, with just a few area specific changes. The area specific workshops have some content that is the same from site to site, but is much more customized to each area in which the workshop is conducted. All of the workshops bring national experts to your location and all have some amount of customization to help you address the issues at your local area. NOHVCC will also work with you to locate funding sources for your workshop to bring training that will satisfy the needs of your local group. In addition to the workshops that are held onsite and listed below, NOHVCC holds and annual conference/workshop.


NOHVCC's universal workshops include:

  • US Forest Service Travel Management workshops
  • Trail Sustainability workshops

NOHVCC's area specific workshops include:

  • OHV Recreation Management workshops
  • State Association Development workshops


Workshop Details

Before NOHVCC arrives onsite, we will work with you to help arrange the meetings including booking the location, arranging meals, creating the agenda, creating materials and handouts, and other meeting logistics. If necessary, we can help locate funding for the workshops. Leaving the details to us makes it easier for your groups.


For more information, including references and examples of past workshops, contact NOHVCC by calling toll-free at 800-348-6487 or by e-mailing us at We'll work with you to provide the training you need in a way that will promote OHV recreation responsibly, help you plan and manage it effectively, and work together with NOHVCC to "create a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation."