Public Land Advocacy Webinar Schedules

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The dates and times of the sessions offered are listed below by module. Open sessions have the registration link available.


New sessions are continually being added, so check back to find a session that works for you.


Module 1, Route Designation: How Did We Get Here?

  • January 10th at 11:00am Central - completed
  • January 17th at 6:00pm Central - completed


Module 2, Trail System Planning - Part 1

  • January 26th at 12:00pm (noon) Central - completed
  • February 1st at 6:00pm Central - completed


Module 3, Trail System Planning - Part 2

  • February 7th at 6:00pm Central - completed
  • February 15th at 11:00am Central - completed


Module 4, Making It Work

  • February 21st at 6:00pm Central - completed
  • February 29th at 12:00pm (noon) Central - completed