Ride Safe!

While riding is extremely fun, we at NOHVCC want to make sure you make it back in one piece and are able to ride again tomorrow. 

Group of Honda Riders at trackOne of the best aspects of going through rider training for the beginner is that you don't have to take directions from your parents, spouse, or kids to learn how to ride. 


When a rider tries to teach someone they know how to ride, they often forget many of the small things that they do naturally, and so these techniques are not communicated to the beginning rider.  Small body movements and head positions can make riding much easier when they are done correctly. 


ATV Training-Instructor and StudentThe ATV Safety Institute (ASI) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) have created a full rider training curriculum.  Both curricula offer hands on training in addition to instruction regarding the machines themselves, the reasons behind the movements and how they impact the handling of the machine, and how to ride responsibly.  Both programs are offered nation-wide.  The instructors go through several days of training to learn how to best communicate to the beginners how to master riding in just 1 day.  Training for advanced riders is also available is some locations.


The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) has launched a new training program.  This program is an interactive online safety course available on its website, rohva.org. The new E-Course is the first formalized educational resource for the growing community of Recreational Off-highway Vehicle (ROVs, also known as UTVs or Side x Sides) enthusiasts to reinforce driver responsibilities, identifying safe riding practices, key risk factors, and best resources for each ROV model.  The ROHVA online safety course is designed to develop safe driving habits, but is not intended to be a 'learn to drive' course.


For more information:

ATV RiderCourse

The MSF DirtBike School

The ROHVA E-Course


Don't forget to look at our educational materials to get additional information, brochures, pamphlets, books, etc for yourself or for an event.  Most of the information is free except the cost of shipping the materials to your location.