Presentations from the 2016 NOHVCC and INOHVAA Annual Training Conference

You can now download a PDF file of many of the PowerPoint presentations given at the 2016 Conference. The documents are offered here for review only and are only listed if the presenter gave us permission to list the files.  Please contact the presenter or NOHVCC for permission prior to using any content from these presentations.

Thank You Presenters!

Without you, the annual NOHVCC and INOHVAA conference would be a lot less informative and much more boring.  Thanks for being part of our annual conference and making it the high quality that it is each year.

And a big “Thank You!” to everyone who attended this year’s conference, and work hard in their local areas to move our mission forward, helping “Create a Positive Future For OHV Recreation.” 

2016 Conference Presentations:
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
FindingTrailsSolutions_ChrisMurphy PDF2.10 MB25 Oct, 2016 Download
ForestServiceTrailSpecification_KentWellner PDF1.68 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
FederalTransportationFundsForTrails_ChristopherDouwes PDF1.59 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
DevelopingASharedVision_JoshJurgensen PDF1.35 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
NoiseStudiesAndSoundImprovement_ChrisReal PDF1.22 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
BuildingAMapStory_JimBrewerDrewStoll PDF274.88 KB28 Oct, 2016 Download
MapsAppsAndSmartphonesPresentation_MarshallClark PDF1.68 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
TillamookStateForest_JahmaalRebbReidBrown PDF3.86 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
Trail Management Objectives Presentation PDF281.50 KB28 Oct, 2016 Download
UncompahgreFieldOfficeSkillDevelopmentCourse_JulieJackson PDF897.16 KB28 Oct, 2016 Download
110YearsBritishColumbiaDirtBiking_PeterSprague PDF2.33 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
SafetyMarketingInAustrailia_RogerPitt PDF2.42 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
InsuranceIssues_ScottTomMona PDF759.83 KB28 Oct, 2016 Download
PromotingYourClubAndYourTrailUsingTheMedia_ClifKoontz PDF5.23 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
WSATVASuccessesAndStrategies_KenSanders PDF12.94 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
ForestServiceCitizensHandbook_ChrisFrench PDF1.07 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
MaintenancePartnerships_BradColinRussEhnes PDF1.55 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
WhatMakesAGreatTrailGreat_RussEhnes PDF5.06 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
AwardsPresentation PDF3.09 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download
BillHamilton PDF32.84 KB28 Oct, 2016 Download
MonaEhnesRetirementSalute PDF2.57 MB28 Oct, 2016 Download

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