Enjoy the Adventures Trail


Penny is a little girl who enjoys riding and Off-Highway Vehicle with her father.  It is one of the activities they can do together and even better, they do the activity in the great outdoors.  Penny is joined by Rascal the Raccoon and his ATV, AT.  Penny teaches Rascal and AT the safe and responsible way to ride OHVs.


They would like you to join their OHV adventures on this website and with your own family and friends.  Click on the small pictures below to change the big picture on the top.  Click next when you have seen all of the smaller pictures to see more pictures.


You can also download pictures to color

or you can download word games and other activities


As Penny says, "OHVs are a fun way for families and friends to enjoy the outdoors", but remember to always ride responsibly! 

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