The NOHVCC Adventure Trail Series

Adventure Trail Collage posterOne of the keys to keeping trails and riding OHV recreation areas open, as well as getting new ones developed, is to encourage all riders and drivers to be on their best behavior when recreating. Things like being courteous to other trail users, keeping our machines quiet, wearing all the proper safety gear, and staying on the trails go a long way in helping to portray off-highway vehicle recreation as a legitimate and healthy, family-oriented, and social activity.


One of the primary goals of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is to help ensure that there are plenty of riding opportunities available for future generations. To achieve that goal and to make education fun, NOHVCC created the Adventure Trail series. It consists of a set of Posters, an Activity Book, and a Computer Game that is available as a CD-ROM.




The Messages

The NOHVCC’s Adventure Trail addresses ten primary messages in large, colorful panels.Family in Adventure Trail Each panel portrays a specific message in humorous drawings that feature spectacular scenery and lots of wildlife. There is one (2x3') poster for each panel and a collage poster that shows all 10 panels. The panels or posters can be set up in many different environments.


The NOHVCC Adventure Trail trailer has each panel hung along the walls of the trailer. As the kids (along with their parents who may learn a thing or two as well) go through the 'Adventure Trail', they work on a fun 10-question quiz. Once they fill out the quiz, they are given the activity book, the CD game, temporary tattoos, stickers, and other fun items that are available at that location.

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Adventure Trail


The Adventure Trail is available to you in a number of different formats:

Adventure Trail materials can be obtained, for the cost of shipping, by contacting us at 800.348.6487 or by e-mailing us at