NOHVCC Hall of Fame Members


The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) is, more than anything else, a network of people who strive for the same goal of 'Creating a Positive Future for OHV Recreation'.  We are made up of many individual people from all areas of OHV recreation.  This is the essence of NOHVCC and what makes us be a truly great organization.


We celebrate Excellence:


The result of caring more than others think wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.


Each year, NOHVCC has been proud to induct members into our Hall of Fame.  These members have all demonstrated excellence as well as dedication to NOHVCC.  As our award says 'Your continuous dedication to the NOHVCC is unparalleled.  Thank you for helping make the NOHVCC the organization that it is today."



Thank you NOHVCC Hall of Fame Members!




Class of 2006

Jim Pilon, Paul Slavik, Steve Gunderson, Tom Crimmins Hall of Fame Ron Morgenthaler Bill Chapin Hall of Fame
Jim Pilon, Paul Slavik, Steve Gunderson, Tom Crimmins Ron Morgenthaler Bill Chapin




Class of 2007

Bob Hammond Hall of Fame


 Ken Meyers Hall of Fame



Brian Sears Hall of Fame Jack Terrell Hall of Fame
Bob Hammond
Ken Meyers Brian Sears Jack Terrell




Class of 2008

Jim Barrett Hall of Fame Terry Lee Cook Hall of Fame
Jim Barrett Terry Lee Cook




Class of 2009

Mona Ehnes receives NOHVCC Hall of Fame Award Dan Kleen Hall of Fame
Mona Ehnes
Dan Kleen




Class of 2010

Russ Ehnes hosts at the NOHVCC Conference Bill Kaeppner Hall of Fame Kathy Van Kleeck receives Hall of Fame award at 2010 Conf
Russ Ehnes Bill Kaeppner
Kathy Van Kleeck




Class of 2011

Lewis Shuler Hall of Fame Tom Umphress Hall of Fame
Lewis Shuler Tom Umphress




Class of 2012

Mark Mitchell with his Hall of Fame award
Mark Mitchell




Class of 2013

Nancy Minard Hall of Fame Duane Taylor Hall of Fame
Nancy Minard
Duane Taylor




Class of 2014

Bruce Butler Hall of Fame Larry Smith Hall of Fame
Bruce Butler
Larry Smith




Class of 2015

Silvio Carrara accepts NOHVCC Hall of Fame Award  BobClever Mary Barta Dana Bell in the Mojave desert Dick Dufourd accepts the NOHVCC Hall of Fame award
Silvio Carrara Bob Clever Mary Barta Dana Bell Dick Dufourd