Youth and Education Team

One of the keys to keeping trails and OHV recreation areas open, as well as getting new ones developed, is to encourage all riders and drivers to be on their best behavior while on the trails. Things like being courteous to other trail users, keeping their machines quiet, Youth riding OHMwearing all the proper safety gear, and staying on the trails go a long way in helping to portray off-highway vehicle recreation as a legitimate and healthy family-oriented and social activity. And where better to start than with the next generation of riders?

To achieve that goal we have developed a unique interactive educational program called theFamily in Adventure TrailAdventure Trail, for youngsters and their parents regarding the safe and responsible operation of an off-highway vehicle. The youth educational materials offered by the NOHVCC can be utilized in a wide variety of ways; events, school programs, trailheads, land management programs, etc.

Following on this page are the many resources concerning youth and the sport of OHV recreation. Any feedback on how to improve or add to this information would be appreciated. Contact us at


Education Resources

NOHVCC's Adventure Trail Educational Tools

Riding Training Courses

School Curriculum

Rider Tips plus Tips for Parents of Youth Riders