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The majority of the country's motorized trail systems and riding areas are on public lands. This has been a tradition dating all the way back to 1972 when the Executive Order 11644, Use of Off-Road Vehicles on the Public Lands, was signed by Richard Nixon to ensure that the use of off-road (off-highway) vehicles on public lands would be controlled and directed so as to protect the resources of those lands, promote the safety of all users of those lands, and minimize conflicts among the various uses of those lands. 


However, OHV recreation on public lands is far from being a one-way street.  Decisions regarding OHV use may seem to rest entirely in the hands of the various state and federal land managers. In many ways, the OHV recreational community does have a say in how their sport is represented and regulated on public lands by way of hearings, comments, and meetings with government officials and trail stakeholders.


The NOHVCC is here to assist OHV activists and enthusiasts who are participating in the process of preserving and increasing quality trail opportunities on public lands throughout our country.  Below we have our 'Top 10 for public advocacy'.


Public Land Advocacy - Top 10

  • 1. Join a local club and a state association.

  • 2. Get on the mailing list for comments regarding your riding area.

  • 3. Develop a working relationship with your land manager.

  • 4. Know the rules and the process that your land manager is required to follow.

  • 5. Do trail maintenance.

  • 6. Do fund raising to support your trail financially.

  • 7. Write comments whenever possible.

  • 8. Write and get to know your elected officials.

  • 9. Take a NOHVCC webinar, get our Land Advocacy Videos, and/or our workshop training.

  • 10. Stay involved, be patient but persistent.