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Traditionally, motorized recreationists have primarily utilized public lands for trail riding opportunities. However, over the last several decades, that has OHVers in front of staging Areachanged to include trail systems and riding areas on privately-owned lands. This is especially helpful to riders east of the Mississippi as public land areas are considerably more scarce than in the western states.


Through the hard work and dedication of local enthusiasts and clubs along with a handful of visionary private landowners and a series of unique arrangements with various logging, mining, and other natural resource companies there are now some incredible OHV riding opportunities in our country. The wildly successful Hatfield/McCoy trail system (  ) in West Virginia, the Coal Creek OHV Area (  ) in Tennessee, the Carolina Adventure World ( ) complex in South Carolina, Barnwell Mountain OHV Park ( ) in Texas and the Plum Creek trail system in Maine ( are just a few prime examples ofOHMs at Hatfield how private landowners, both individual and corporate, and OHV enthusiasts can work together to improve OHV opportunities in their area. This is just the tip of the iceberg and a sample of the great progress being made.


We encourage you to send information on any OHV opportunities on private land in your area so we can compile a complete nationwide database of areas, opportunities, and successes for others to learn from and replicate.


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