Let’s face it. The main driving force behind virtually every new OHV area or trail that is opened up (or existing ones that are saved) is well-organized groups of riders and drivers. The truth is, each of us on our own doesn’t really have much of a voice when it comes to the complicated and drawn-out process of opening and saving off-highway recreation trails. But as a group, whether dirt bike riders relaxing along a river at their campsitethrough coalitions, state OHV associations, or as local clubs, we have a strong, unified voice that will gain the attention of our community leaders and even our elected officials. Clubs also serve as a contact point for land managers, media, OHV-oriented businesses, and other organizations.


One of the primary goals of the NOHVCC Family riding togetherwhen it was formed in the early '90s was to get the country's millions of OHV enthusiasts involved in clubs or state associations. In fact, nearly all of the NOHVCC State Partners, Staff, and Board of Directors have extensive experience as club and association members and leaders.



We have a wide variety of "tools" to help OHV enthusiasts get organized into clubs and state associations. One of our most asked for products is the "The NOHVCC Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicle Clubs: A Resource Guide to Assist in the Formation, Development and Management of OHV Recreation Enthusiast Clubs".


We are here to assist OHV activists and enthusiasts who are interested in forming or participating in clubs or state associations throughout our country.


The goal for this page is to have a variety of resources concerning OHV clubs and associations. Any feedback on how to improve or add to this information would be appreciated. Contact us at trailhead@nohvcc.org



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