Network Development Team

Network Development Team

Our NOHVCC State and Associate State Partners are an integral part of our NOHVCC network and mission.  Our Partners provide key communications between us and the OHV activists in their state, they help us to create new and better tools to assist them in their efforts, and they offer assistance to other Partners on issues and questions when they are able.


The Network Development Team plays a vital role as well.  This team helps to recruit new Partners, they talk with each Partner before they are recommended to the board for confirmation, and they help develop programs to assist our Partners.


We are actively seeking applications for State and Associate State Partners for:



The following states have Associate State Partners, but the Partner position is vacant:

South Carolina
South Dakota


And these States have a State Partner, but do not have any Associate State Partners:
New Jersey


Each state may have several Associate Partners. You may become an Associate Partner even if there is already one for your state. The best State networks have a State Partner and Associate State Partners which represent all active OHV recreation types in their states.


If you are interested in becoming more involved with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, request an application at  Two letters of recommendation are needed with the completed application form.


Check out our Partner page to see what it takes to become a NOHVCC State Partner or an Associate State Partner.