National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Rider Resources

Meet and Greet during dinner at ConferenceOur State and Associate State Partners are our greatest resource.  Each of our Partners are active in OHV activities and work to build and keep trail riding areas in their states.  They know what it takes to get things accomplished and what tools assisted them in their efforts.  They also work to develop new tool and resources to assist all OHV enthusiasts in their efforts.


Each Partner belongs to a team.  These teams give direction to the NOHVCC staff through our Board of Directors.  Each of the teams helps develop programs, materials, ideas to help you work better.  The tools and resources that they develop part of the function of each of the teams. 


We have created a page for each of our teams as a way of getting the resources which they develop to you.  As they continue their work to develop these resources, additional information will be added to their pages.  If you don't see something that you need, just ask.  More likely than not, someone has already encountered that issue or task and can give you insight on what worked or what did not, saving you from attempting that which has already been tried.  And if not, it will work to give feed back to our teams to help them develop the tools that will make you successful.


Check out our team resource pages below. 


Clubs and Associations Team

Network Development Team

Private Lands Team

Public Lands Team

Youth and Education Team