The NOHVCC Network


One of the strengths of the NOHVCC organization is our network of people.  No one person or group has all of the answers.  The NOHVCC network attempts to get really close.  The Network starts with our State and Associate State Partners; the enthusiasts who are out there working to try to make a difference.  We also work with the International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association.



NOHVCC works with the industry groups and with other enthusiast groups.  We understand that our strength is in our unity and our willingness to cooperate and promote each other.  We also work with the agencies on all levels.  Some of our partnerships are with:


Rider performing hand trail maintenanceConsulting Services

The NOHVCC can also offer specialized consulting to you on a variety of topics.  We can send you experts in the area of park or trail design, or working side-by-side with your work crew performing construction or maintenance.  The NOHVCC also offers consultants on youth programs, special riding events, fundraising activities, and many other topics.