International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association


Chainsaw mounted on OHMThe International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA) is an organization founded by and for officials who manage OHV recreation in their areas.  The program managers can be on all levels: federal, state, county, municipal, or private areas, but the focus is on state level organizations. 


Our Purpose

The purpose of INOHVAA shall be to promote best management practices for recreational OHV use throughout the OHV community, including but not limited to, OHV safety; uniformity of laws, rules, and regulations, through cooperation, and coordination of OHV concerns; enforcement of existing laws, rules, and regulations; promoting positive relationships with other recreational users, partners, and land managers; assisting OHV recreation groups to protect the environment; and the collection, development, and dissemination of information and views on any subject within the scope of the organization.

Contact us at if you are interested in joining the Association.




INOHVAA holds an annual conference in conjunction with the annual NOHVCC conference.  This conference is a great place to gain new insight and exchange ideas.