We are a 501(c)3 education non-profit organization.  We are not a membership organization, but rather a partnership organization.  We have volunteer State and Associate State Partners in almost all of the United States.  We are working to get all of the states covered.  We also have a Partnership with the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council, the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada, and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada.  In addition to these enthusiast partnerships, we have and form partnerships with government agencies such as the US Forest Service, the BLM, the Federal Highway Administration, plus State and Local agencies.


Our goal, simply, is to provide 'A Positive Future for OHV Recreation'.


Our Mission

Check our Mission, our Vision and our Goals.  This page says it all.


Our Network

Our network is one of our most useful features.  It is composed of our partners as well as consultants and others who have a positive interest in OHVs and our trails.


Rider Resources

 This is where our partners work for you, pretty cool idea, huh?  All of the NOHVCC partners participate in teams.  These teams develop ideas for programs, workshops, additional tools, and resources that they think will help you.  The teams are: Education and Youth, Association and Club Development, Private Land Opportunities, Public Land Opportunities, and the NOHVCC Network Development.  Check out the Teams' pages to see what they have been up to for you.


Board of Directors

The best thing about our board of directors is that they are first and foremost one of our Partners.  This means that they understand what it takes to put trails on the ground, to educate those around us, or to continually take the high road.  And they do it well enough to be voted into these board positions by their peers.  High praise, indeed.


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information regarding our organization, check out our FAQ page. 



Our State and Associate State Partner are the best.  They are dedicated volunteers who work like crazy to keep and create OHV trails, to do OHV public relations, to providing competition and non-competition events.  See what it takes to be one of our Partners. 



We offer a special Thanks to all of our contributors.  We could not accomplish what we are able to do without all of your assistance and support!